Do more. Have more. Become more

Woman The Powerhouse Global is an organisation set to propagate "Global Women Empowerment". We believe that every woman (those hurting and those living in fulfilment) are Powerhouses in their own field of purpose. We are in the business of educating, motivating and inspiring the GLOBAL WOMAN  to do, have and become more. We believe that the economic-social political growth of any nation lies in the hand of women. 
We have recently seen the gigantic changes in the political arena where women are now leading from the front. As natural nurturers, the Global Powerhouse woman has  a key role to play in the development of her family, community, nation and the world. History has it that; women play key roles in the making of Kings. They are forces with the zeal to make things happen irrespective of the challenges they may face in their journey of life.
However, we also know that a lot of women are not living their full potential due to the ever-increasing challenges of life. Since the inception of this organisation in 2013, we have transformed the lives of so many women globally. This has been possible through the collaboration with individuals and organisation that are passionate about the “Global Woman empowerment and transformation”. Also our personal and professional development organised events has enabled us to achieve audacious goals since the journey began.
Our Vision:
We Work toward seeing The Global Woman living a life of fulfilment and, becoming more than they already are.
Our Mission;
To educate women from all walks of life to do, have and become more
To create platforms that would enable others to shine in their field of purpose
To be a point of reference in the world of personal and professional development of women
To annually feed 1,000 children Globally
To celebrate the Global Powerhouse Woman annually at special Award event
To collaborate with dream builders in order to meet the desired expectation of our clients and members
To support The Global Powerhouse Woman to share her story with the world through our “GLOBAL VISIBILITY BOOK PROJECTS”.

"If you don't have a dream, start thinking about what the dream for your life is. Start believing that just having a dream begins the process of fulfilling it. You can do it "If you're willing to let every step you take move you in that direction. Remember, you deserve the best life has to offer." - Oprah Winfrey

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